As you know, we’re in a shifting economy. 

Everyone and their dog (if they have a dog) is talking about it. Sorry couldn’t resist that one. 

But the really big thing that most people writing about this economy are forgetting?

They are forgetting about the humans in your business. 

They are focusing on making you feel scared, or causing you to look inward too much.  

They are forgetting that there are clients, humans, and future buyers that are needing your services. 

These clients deserve the right person to get them what they need. 

These clients are looking for someone that can meet their needs, whatever you happen to sell or offer. 

So there is never been a better time to remain that the top or take your place amongst the top in your industry, for how you serve, and for the results you get your clients. 

Over the next few months Darryl and I are dedicated to making sure that we share a simple but powerful strategy that can help you do this. 

So today you might find yourself in a one of two different places. 

Client work is full. You might feel overwhelmed or too busy to grow your business. If that’s where you find yourself then what we will share will help you can gain some control back and get some relief so that you can continue growing your revenue. 

If you’re feeling like you want to secure some sustainability and add more buyers then this strategy will help you also. 

Or maybe you find yourself right in between those two?

Either way, the coaching strategies we teach are purely focused under three main things. They are end to end strategies meaning they sit at very high level so that you know how to make laser focuseddecisions under them that are personal to you. 

High level does’t mean hard. It just means that they are very intentional.  

Here they are:

1. Making sure that clients you bring in with your marketing are staying and engaging with your business.  

2. Crafting an Online Reputation so it showcases why you are at the top or amongst the top so more people can work with you. 

3. Setting up your business so it’s shared by the right people with the right motives. 

The strategies we teach are not DO WHAT JODI AND DARRYL SAY strategies.  

Instead, when you understand how all three things fit into one end to end strategy it provides the GPS or the answer sheet to all business decisions so you can stop throwing around strategies here and there that don’t actually stick and do what you want.  

If you implement an end to end strategy like this, what do you get if you do?

You remain at the top, or take your place amongst those who are.  

Which is why we’re sharing this strategy with you over the next while.  

It’s your ticket in this market and to sustainability. It’s the ticket to a know, like, and trusted business. 

It’s you that people need, and the results you offer. 

More on the strategy soon. 

Darryl and Jodi