We know the market is shifting and a lot of agents are scrambling to figure out what to do and how to respond. Maybe you’re not concerned, may be you are. 

Either way this is good news. 

Good things can happen inside crisis.  

I was listening to a Donald Miller Podcast a few days ago. He’s a fantastic author, father and CEO of Brand Story. In the podcast he said to the audience. “I love a good crisis”.

In crisis, we move. In crisis we improve on behalf of our clients to keep their wallets and eyes on us. We become innovators and creators. 

Without a crisis we can stay status quo. 

But in a crisis we do not have a choice. 

Which is why Darryl and I are big believers in change for the sake of our customers and your customers is allows worth pursuing. 

And to do that, today is all about what to do in this pivotal moment in the market and what you do to remain elevated this moment. 

Continuing to elevate could look like a few ways and I have a few (actually 3) for you to look at. 

Day one we talked about not staying silent on Social Media and in your communication. 

One way you can elevate right now is making sure that your target messaging is high on your list within your marketing plan. 

 1. Instead of creating another market infographic about a SOLD Home do this instead. 

What not to do in your social media

You know who your target audience leads needs are right now. If you don’t, just ask. 

– What are the things they are thinking about in the lead, buying and purchasing prices right now? Go into the nuance of details in their minds. 

– Is it not knowing if they should paint? Is it knowing if right now is a good time for them to buy or sell? What are the specific items they are thinking about in the middle of the night or at the dinner table? 

The only way we can find this out is to ask. Point #2. 🙂

Once you know this take it to social media to tell your clients exactly what you are doing about this, or how you approach this situation. They need you now. 

 2. Talk to your clients versus talking around the situation in general newsletters. 

Everyone is sending newsletters, but not everyone is picking up the phone and talking to their leads and clients. Be Omnipresent. Be in the gaps and go into the places that other agents aren’t willing to go. 

By no mean are we suggesting what to do or not to do. That is never our role as coaches to help you. Our role is to be the eyes and ears of your customers so you make more sales and profits and referrals. 

A customer who is panicked, worried, or excited at the possibility that they just might get to actual sell their property will not be comforted by a ONLY a newsletter right now. 

How to start this — What is your natural communication method that feels right for you to step into this authority? Phone, text, hand written card? Go there and asking them their every thought. 

They will remember down the road of the time and attention you gave them. 

3. Keep doing all the elevated things that serves your clients. 

Your team serves with integrity, excellence, and you want results for your clients. We know this, and we want to make sure that your clients and new leads, always know this. 

– If you run your team with a CRM and other systems then now is not the time to let those go stagnant and risk all the hard work you’ve put into your clients this past year. 

– Make sure your whole team is using the processes you’ve set up to get your clients success. It’s your guarantee and insurance for a possible referral one day. It’s your greatest marketing asset. 

– If you’ve offered a service over this past year, continue to offer it. 

– If you offering move in services, such as cleaning or food it might be time to elevate those services? 

Remember the family and friends that help your clients move? They are future clients in the waiting room to experiencing your magic, and the way you move and find properties. 

– Consider purchase a gift cards for a massage services for a few humans who helped your client move? 

– Purchase a pizza party for the whole crew that came to help. Go beyond pizza and include a whole ice-cream spread. Deliver it and set it up for your clients. That’s the wow factor I’m talking about. One worth remembering.  

The options are endless. 

By the way, we think you are incredible. The work you do is very important.

We’d like nothing more than for you and your team to be the elevated ones right now who are making the sales and keeping those clients and referring clients.

Talk to you next time.

Darryl and Jodi