You can stand out with your social media or just add noise. You get to decide.

Last week I decided that kicking off and re-starting our business Advantaging we wanted to send five ways to stay at top of your industry while you continue to do all the things you currently are doing to grow your business.

Most of these suggestions are critical items you might still be doing, and some are ones you likely need to take a second look at and start doing.

The reason we are sending these is that we know your desire to remain at the top. To remain at the top with excellence, we need to do the same things over and over.

We know you already have the goal to ultimately to help and serve people with your business and provide them with incredible results. 

You honestly wouldn’t be reading this blog entry if is wasn’t your goal.

But the one thing we are very confident with our work is that when the marketplace shifts, it brings customers to a place where they get picker on who to look to, (or continue to choose), who to trust to open their wallets to and who to take a chance in this moment. 

Are they going to choose you? We hope so. 

We see this as a huge advantage for you within your social media and a chance to stand out yet again amongst so many businesses and teams

Now is NOT the time to go silent on social media. 

There’s so much false information surrounding real estate nowadays that it’s insane. And because of that people are pushing back, questioning everything they hear. Some might be scared. 

But what they really need to hear is the truth. They need to have someone like you in their corner that is going to give them the correct information. 

They need good advice.

They need your guidance.

But are you portraying that in your communication and in your social media posting?

Are they truly hearing your expertise? 

Because if they’re not, you’re missing out on HUGE opportunities for future growth.

But if you’re not… you’re just blending in with the rest of the noise and uncertainty. 

Your content is where you can speak directly to those who are thinking, wanting to buy or sell. Where you can say exactly what they need to hear from you to help them find solutions to their situation.

This should almost be 80% of your marketing material within your social media posting.

If you’re giving them what they need to hear,  you are building that like, know, and trust factor. Its a micro agreement (we like to call it) on their way to become a lead in your software, stay a lead, stay a client, or be worthy of seeing those referrals. 

We want you to remain at the top.

We want to see you dominate your real estate market and build and continue building those strong relationships with your clients and future clients.

By the way, we really mean it when we say that we want you to succeed.  Leave us a comment, sent us a note, we’d love to hear form you and help you take your best next step

Talk to you next time.

Darryl and Jodi

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