Darryl Bueckert

As you know, we’re in a shifting economy. 

Everyone and their dog (if they have a dog) is talking about it. Sorry couldn’t resist that one. 

But the really big thing that most people writing about this economy are forgetting?

They are forgetting about the humans in your business. 

They are focusing on making you feel scared, or causing you to look inward too much.  

They are forgetting that there are clients, humans, and future buyers that are needing your services. 

These clients deserve the right person to get them what they need. 

These clients are looking for someone that can meet their needs, whatever you happen to sell or offer. 

So there is never been a better time to remain that the top or take your place amongst the top in your industry, for how you serve, and for the results you get your clients. 

Over the next few months Darryl and I are dedicated to making sure that we share a simple but powerful strategy that can help you do this. 

So today you might find yourself in a one of two different places. 

Client work is full. You might feel overwhelmed or too busy to grow your business. If that’s where you find yourself then what we will share will help you can gain some control back and get some relief so that you can continue growing your revenue. 

If you’re feeling like you want to secure some sustainability and add more buyers then this strategy will help you also. 

Or maybe you find yourself right in between those two?

Either way, the coaching strategies we teach are purely focused under three main things. They are end to end strategies meaning they sit at very high level so that you know how to make laser focuseddecisions under them that are personal to you. 

High level does’t mean hard. It just means that they are very intentional.  

Here they are:

1. Making sure that clients you bring in with your marketing are staying and engaging with your business.  

2. Crafting an Online Reputation so it showcases why you are at the top or amongst the top so more people can work with you. 

3. Setting up your business so it’s shared by the right people with the right motives. 

The strategies we teach are not DO WHAT JODI AND DARRYL SAY strategies.  

Instead, when you understand how all three things fit into one end to end strategy it provides the GPS or the answer sheet to all business decisions so you can stop throwing around strategies here and there that don’t actually stick and do what you want.  

If you implement an end to end strategy like this, what do you get if you do?

You remain at the top, or take your place amongst those who are.  

Which is why we’re sharing this strategy with you over the next while.  

It’s your ticket in this market and to sustainability. It’s the ticket to a know, like, and trusted business. 

It’s you that people need, and the results you offer. 

More on the strategy soon. 

Darryl and Jodi

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This past summer, I brought my computer to the lake to get some work in, and out of no where a woman comes up to me and puts her purse/ wallet down on the picnic table next to me and asks… 

 “Can you watch this please?”

I told her of course. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me that a random stranger trusted me with the thing that was important to them.

Online Reviews, building trust and ranking with Googles trust is the very same. 

Reviews accomplish that for customers if they are making important decisions on who to choose, or how to evaluate a referral that just was given to them. 

It’s just their way of checking their work.

In fact reviews have the ability for customers to see your team dynamics, to see how you work, to see your expertise, they have the ability to move the trust factor up x 10, they are a window into their ability to move a little bit closer to you in your pipeline. Too many things to list here in a email. 

I can’t go into our whole methodology today on how we get more reviews. Things such as how we can get more reviews from customers that didn’t leave our clients a review, how reviews help you rank higher without investing in ads, and reviews are a cheat sheet to your marketing plan right now. Your reviews tell you everything that you need to be communicating so you can stand out versus either not communicating, or communicating like every other team. 

Instead start with these two things:

1. Ask for reviews at the right time

You already likely have a good amount of reveiws, and you know the power of this written refereral in most cases. 

But why do some clients leave a review and why do some not?

In most cases, it’s likely that you are asking at the wrong time, or you’re not asking. This happens a lot. 

One might think that asking at the highest emotional moment of a clients process is the best time. 

You might think that asking after the deal is done, might be a good time. 

I might in some cases, but not always. 

We approach referrals in a humanized way. We don’t ask a question that we don’t know the answer to, we don’t ask just for the sake of asking, and we put out clients first before asking

We do referrals very different that you might have been taught. 

The thing is… Reviews are not like referrals. People do not wait around thinking about all the moments in their day that they could leave you a review. 

You really need to ask for them at the right time, with the right intent if you want to add growth and numbers behind them. 

But if you ask, and you are not getting the response you want, or clients are just forgetting to do this kind act, this is normal. 

The best way to fix this on your own is making it as easy as you can for them to leave a review.  Leave direct links to where you want the reviews, and add very simple 1,2 or 3 steps to taking the “thinking” out of the way for them.  

If there is friction, they won’t do it. Even 2 seconds of friction

2. Get better reviews from your customers

Reviews are the written referral that oozes trust. But like one of our clients said to us one day. 

“You need to provide a service worthy of a great review“.

What makes this possible?  

One of our clients is booking plenty of work from clients that are finding her from her reviews. 

They received a email from their lead, which said…

“I was searching online and you had so many lovely reviews that I decided you were the one I wanted to  work with”.

People were finding her because of all their reviews. 

The customer obviously read each of the reviews and found “their situation” in the words of the other reviews. Customers want to feel like they are in the right place. 

Our clients get reviews often and exceptional ones because they are asking the right question at the right time with the right intent. 

Remember Day 2 on ranking?

Ranking and reviews all play together in Google’s secret way of trusting or not trusting you. 

If Google trusts you, it shifts your profile up higher. 
For us, reviews are more than just a written referral, but it also has an incredible way of creating marketing moments and opportunities for new prospects to look your way. 

Especially right now and for times like this. 

In your corner. 

Darryl and Jodi

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We know the market is shifting and a lot of agents are scrambling to figure out what to do and how to respond. Maybe you’re not concerned, may be you are. 

Either way this is good news. 

Good things can happen inside crisis.  

I was listening to a Donald Miller Podcast a few days ago. He’s a fantastic author, father and CEO of Brand Story. In the podcast he said to the audience. “I love a good crisis”.

In crisis, we move. In crisis we improve on behalf of our clients to keep their wallets and eyes on us. We become innovators and creators. 

Without a crisis we can stay status quo. 

But in a crisis we do not have a choice. 

Which is why Darryl and I are big believers in change for the sake of our customers and your customers is allows worth pursuing. 

And to do that, today is all about what to do in this pivotal moment in the market and what you do to remain elevated this moment. 

Continuing to elevate could look like a few ways and I have a few (actually 3) for you to look at. 

Day one we talked about not staying silent on Social Media and in your communication. 

One way you can elevate right now is making sure that your target messaging is high on your list within your marketing plan. 

 1. Instead of creating another market infographic about a SOLD Home do this instead. 

What not to do in your social media

You know who your target audience leads needs are right now. If you don’t, just ask. 

– What are the things they are thinking about in the lead, buying and purchasing prices right now? Go into the nuance of details in their minds. 

– Is it not knowing if they should paint? Is it knowing if right now is a good time for them to buy or sell? What are the specific items they are thinking about in the middle of the night or at the dinner table? 

The only way we can find this out is to ask. Point #2. 🙂

Once you know this take it to social media to tell your clients exactly what you are doing about this, or how you approach this situation. They need you now. 

 2. Talk to your clients versus talking around the situation in general newsletters. 

Everyone is sending newsletters, but not everyone is picking up the phone and talking to their leads and clients. Be Omnipresent. Be in the gaps and go into the places that other agents aren’t willing to go. 

By no mean are we suggesting what to do or not to do. That is never our role as coaches to help you. Our role is to be the eyes and ears of your customers so you make more sales and profits and referrals. 

A customer who is panicked, worried, or excited at the possibility that they just might get to actual sell their property will not be comforted by a ONLY a newsletter right now. 

How to start this — What is your natural communication method that feels right for you to step into this authority? Phone, text, hand written card? Go there and asking them their every thought. 

They will remember down the road of the time and attention you gave them. 

3. Keep doing all the elevated things that serves your clients. 

Your team serves with integrity, excellence, and you want results for your clients. We know this, and we want to make sure that your clients and new leads, always know this. 

– If you run your team with a CRM and other systems then now is not the time to let those go stagnant and risk all the hard work you’ve put into your clients this past year. 

– Make sure your whole team is using the processes you’ve set up to get your clients success. It’s your guarantee and insurance for a possible referral one day. It’s your greatest marketing asset. 

– If you’ve offered a service over this past year, continue to offer it. 

– If you offering move in services, such as cleaning or food it might be time to elevate those services? 

Remember the family and friends that help your clients move? They are future clients in the waiting room to experiencing your magic, and the way you move and find properties. 

– Consider purchase a gift cards for a massage services for a few humans who helped your client move? 

– Purchase a pizza party for the whole crew that came to help. Go beyond pizza and include a whole ice-cream spread. Deliver it and set it up for your clients. That’s the wow factor I’m talking about. One worth remembering.  

The options are endless. 

By the way, we think you are incredible. The work you do is very important.

We’d like nothing more than for you and your team to be the elevated ones right now who are making the sales and keeping those clients and referring clients.

Talk to you next time.

Darryl and Jodi  

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How earning Google’s trust helps you rank higher online


Ranking higher, better, or at all. It’s what more and more agents and teams want which is why it’s high on my list as #2  for you this week. 

Ranking — when you know which buttons to push,  does two incredible things. 

1. It establishes an authority that you already likely possess.

2. It gives you a chance to showcase that authority through Google Reviews.

Customers right now are searching locally for someone like your team, or they want to validate a referral that they did get from a colleague or friend. That’s where ranking can help. 

For me, I’m not the technical person to tell you exactly what to do in every situation (that’s more Darryl’s role) but I do know how important this is if you want to stay ahead, get chosen, and keep the authority that you’ve build in your farmed area, or particularly city. 

The biggest problem with ranking is usually trying to figure how to get it, and what things to put in place to get it done. 

There is plenty of information on the web to weed through and I know this because when I started my design business in 2010 I tried to increase customers having the ability to search for me and what I did.  

Weeding through all the information, didn’t leave me feeling confident that I was or had what I needed to move the needle on my ranking. 

#1- Ranking esablishes your authority

So when prospects, and customers are looking on who to hire, which agent to choose and who will they find?

A new lead searching might come in though Google maps, SEO, and most often a referral in your case.  Either way ranking higher (or at all) is important because all the different factors ( although simple, there are a lot of them that weave in and out and affect each other). 

The way to rank higher? 

Ranking and being found even more has everything to do with Trust.

It is primarily based on information that Google has about you as a team. The more digital assets you have such as web links, socials links, articles, your profiles cleaned up and in line, the more Google trusts you and shows you and ranks you higher. 

Google Reviews play a heavy role and are factored into local search ranking which plays well into point #2. 

#2- Improve local ranking by managing customer reviews

More reviews, and positive rankings elevates your ranking. We’ve seen it with the clients we’ve helped and there are pluses to ranking and what that means for you. 

  • The volume of reviews you have.
  • How often new reviews are posted.
  • How many positive versus negative or okay reviews you have.
  • How many reviews you have mentioning keywords are all taken into consideration.

Which is why as much as it’s important to have more reviews, It’s also important for your customers to be reading  the right words that you want them to be reading about you to find you.

We’ve have clients solely found and hired straight from Google because of the words that those reviews declared on the web.  They stood out.  

**** Spoiler alert **** reviews are really important and I will break-in this down this week as a seperate blog entry because it’s just that important and valuable for you. 

Like I said above, there are many factors on how to rank or rank higher. You can do a bit of work to organically rank higher, and you can pay to rank higher. (although we are firm believers that you as a great agent should get chosen for your service, not because you paid to be there).

 Just know that everything you do or decide to do in the present or future all play a role and you do not have to do everything at once. 

 There are layers and layers to ranking, and raking higher which Darryl certainly has more knowledge on the specifics of HOW than myself.  

If you’ve been doing some of your own research, or if you have a question, or want a more detailed look at what this means for you, please feel to send us a message and we’d love to help you take your next steps.

See you next time.

Darryl and Jodi 

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You can stand out with your social media or just add noise. You get to decide.

Last week I decided that kicking off and re-starting our business Advantaging we wanted to send five ways to stay at top of your industry while you continue to do all the things you currently are doing to grow your business.

Most of these suggestions are critical items you might still be doing, and some are ones you likely need to take a second look at and start doing.

The reason we are sending these is that we know your desire to remain at the top. To remain at the top with excellence, we need to do the same things over and over.

We know you already have the goal to ultimately to help and serve people with your business and provide them with incredible results. 

You honestly wouldn’t be reading this blog entry if is wasn’t your goal.

But the one thing we are very confident with our work is that when the marketplace shifts, it brings customers to a place where they get picker on who to look to, (or continue to choose), who to trust to open their wallets to and who to take a chance in this moment. 

Are they going to choose you? We hope so. 

We see this as a huge advantage for you within your social media and a chance to stand out yet again amongst so many businesses and teams

Now is NOT the time to go silent on social media. 

There’s so much false information surrounding real estate nowadays that it’s insane. And because of that people are pushing back, questioning everything they hear. Some might be scared. 

But what they really need to hear is the truth. They need to have someone like you in their corner that is going to give them the correct information. 

They need good advice.

They need your guidance.

But are you portraying that in your communication and in your social media posting?

Are they truly hearing your expertise? 

Because if they’re not, you’re missing out on HUGE opportunities for future growth.

But if you’re not… you’re just blending in with the rest of the noise and uncertainty. 

Your content is where you can speak directly to those who are thinking, wanting to buy or sell. Where you can say exactly what they need to hear from you to help them find solutions to their situation.

This should almost be 80% of your marketing material within your social media posting.

If you’re giving them what they need to hear,  you are building that like, know, and trust factor. Its a micro agreement (we like to call it) on their way to become a lead in your software, stay a lead, stay a client, or be worthy of seeing those referrals. 

We want you to remain at the top.

We want to see you dominate your real estate market and build and continue building those strong relationships with your clients and future clients.

By the way, we really mean it when we say that we want you to succeed.  Leave us a comment, sent us a note, we’d love to hear form you and help you take your best next step

Talk to you next time.

Darryl and Jodi

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